Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dec 2, 2013

So first off, good news I got my Christmas package, it came a little early and I got it on Thanksgiving day so I was very grateful for that. This letter will be really short cuz I hardly have any time at all! This week really flew by.... Tuesday we had a zone conference that lasted from 10am until 5pm and it was absolutely awesome! Our zone leaders, sister Egbert, and president Egbert all gave us good trainings and I loved every minute of the conference! Every time I hear president speak he makes me want to be a better person. Then on Thursday I had a Leadership Training Meeting and all the District Leaders and Zone Leaders from the entire mission were there and I learned a ton! :) Basically that I should probably learn to be a little more charitable! I honestly feel that when we develop charity for ALL the children of God, all the other attributes of Christ follow.

This week I read an old conference talk given by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. I suggest that every single one of you find it and read it! It is called, ´´Come What May, And Love It´´. Honestly that talk makes me want to be the best, happiest missionary ever so I know you can apply it to your lives and be better people for it! :) 

Just so you all know, it is super hot here still during the day. I forgot to put on sunscreen on day and got pretty burned. :/ At night it is super freezing! So and am really grateful for the new sweater I got from Grammy! Thanks :) We didnt have investigators again in church but I still am happy regardless of what happens. We are starting to see progress as far as the leadership goes in the ward. This week we actually have a meeting planned where it is going to be my companion Elder Vazquez and I, the ward mission leader, and the bishop! So little by little things are rolling down here. I am just glad to see progress :) We are planning on having a ward mission activity for the 14th of December so we hope we have lots of success with that! 

No this week I didnt eat a thanksgiving dinner but I sure learned a lot and honestly I didnt even think about missing out of the dinner anyways! :) I love you all and hope you all have an amazing week.

Love, Elder Hixon

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