Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dec 16, 2103

So to start off, I am a very happy and content missionary right now! :) The mission has changes tomorrow, but for the first time in 3 cycles I dont have changes and my comp doesnt have changes. So I will be here in the Plazas ward here in Tizayuca for at least 6 weeks more. I am really happy about that because we are starting to see progress in the ward! The only Elder that has changes in my district is Elder Beck. So he will be going to his 2nd area finally! He has been in his area since we got here to Mexico. Since I started in Molango... Weird to think that.

This week wasnt great as far as numbers or lessons go. But the ward activity we planned turned our to be a huge success! I was very happy. We had 4 families of investigators there in the activity and I was very happy to see the ward getting involved. It was a ward activity celebrating Christmas and honestly I just felt so happy the whole time and are really happy to be serving a mission. I hardly even think about not being home for Christmas! The only thing that really stunk this week was that none of the investigators that went to the activity made it to church this week! So of course, back to work with them and with the people in this ward!

Elder Vazquez and I have a goal to baptize 3 people in January. We are going to do it. We are going to do it cuz we love the Savior and we have faith in Him. It wont be easy, but anything is possible with the Lord on our side! Oh and cuz im training my son... No, jk! I failed to mention last week that we will be singing as missionaries in our zone later this week, not sure if it is Friday or Saturday, but our stake will be having an activity and we will be singing Christmas himnos and there are quite a few white guys in our zone, including Elder Christensen that sings like an angel. Anyways, last monday, we practiced and sang in parts and it sounded so cool! Singing is so much fun and I am so excited to do it this week! Also on wednesday, JOSH´s birthday, we are having a Christmas devotional as a zone with 2 other zones and with President Egbert and his wife. Oh yeah and speaking of Elder Christensen, we did division this week and it was so much fun! I loved being companions with him back in my last area! :)

Quick story about my mission mommy.... She is the best btw! So anyways, I called her on Friday morning telling her that our stove thing stopped working and we couldnt find one here in Tizayca. She was like, ´´oh no problem, I will just go to Walmart tomorrow and buy you guys one!´´ I said haha okay, and then told her we would go pick it up on Monday. Then she told me ´´no, I will bring it to you tomorrow morning!´´ I wasnt about to deny that offer so the next morning she brought us not only one electric stove, but 2! (with a pan, and a spatula) And then on top of that, she asked us if we had laundry! Of course we did, and so she took our laundry and cleaned it for us and then brought it back that night after our ward activity. And THEN she made us banana bread! :) The banana bread tastes exactly like moms, so I was super happy! Honestly, best mission mom ever! I will send a pic of the activity and of me chowing down on some banana bread. You will be able to see the sick watch tan I am developing! :) 

This week should pass by super fast with the zone devotional on wednesday and the stake activity this weekend. Cant believe it is almost time to call you all! I remember thinking about this time of year sitting in the MTC thinking it would never come... Its here! I love and miss you all, keep working hard cuz I sure will be! :) Happy birthday Josh! Cant believe you will be 17!

Until next week...

Elder Hixon

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