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Sept 30, 2013

Hola family and friends,

Wow so first off, this is the first day of my 5th cycle as a missionary. Crazy to think that when this one ends it will be November 10th. I also was notified last night that I had changes again already! I have been here in this ward for 6 weeks and the Lord already wants me to go to another place. As of right now I dont completely understand why but only the Lord knows where I need to be and I am putting my complete trust in Him right now. I still dont know who my new companion is or where I will be serving. The changes meeting isnt until tomorrow. Honestly I am completely shocked, but at the same time really kinda excited to see why the Lord wants me in the new area I will be in! It is so shocking because my companion has been here since April 16, yeah, the day before I went into the MTC and he is still here. He has been here forever and we both thought for sure he would be the one to go if one of us went. The mission is just full of surprises isnt it? :) 

This week was really well, but most of the exciting stuff happened yesterday. Church went really well yesterday. We had an attendence of 113 in sacrament meeting, the most it has been since I have been here in the ward! Also the best part, we had 7 investigators in church yesterday! I was so happy to see every single one of them there. Also helped this one sister go to church and she recieved her confirmation. She got baptized in January and never got the Holy GHost. So she got it yesterday and I felt really happy to help her! Maybe that was the whole reason I was here in this ward! :) My companion confirmed her and it was the first time he had done that. He said he was pretty nervous but he did a good job. I also gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting about the importance that everyone hears the Gospel. All I had prepared was one note, I had my scriptures, and I had my Preach my Gospel. I was able to easily give a 12 minute talk in spanish and without notes. I just proved to myself how much my spanish has improved and also my testimony. I remember my farewell talk I was a nervous wreck and I stuggled for words. I know that my testimony has strengthened here and that if we rely on the Lord anything is possible. Even if it is getting changed to a new area! We will see what happens tomorrow. I am really excited and anxious right now! But for now, I am off to go teach a few more investigators before I leave, and maybe 1 or 2 goodbyes! I would appreciate some extra prayers my way with a new companion in a new area this week! Love you all so much! Keep being member missionaries, there are plenty of people waiting to hear the truth! :)

Elder Hixon

Ps. The bowling pic is when we went bowling last week with the Zone Leaders and another District leader. It was a blast! (I won!)

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