Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24, 2014

Well, it was due time for me to have a baptism. It was a long time since my last one! I know the Lord has blessed the lives of Mauricio and his family. I am so grateful to be a part of it. His baptism was remarkable. There were like 60 people there. I have never seen so many people support someone in  a baptism here. It was awesome! It is super comforting to know that the people the Lord helps us convert here in this ward will be very well taken care of. I can just focus on my work and the missionaries the Lord has put me in charge of!

This week was full of just getting everything organized for the baptism and trying to help or investigator Diana and her mom make the decision to be baptized for this week too. That is actually a cool story. I'll share it. So this week, we went with our ward mission leader who thank goodness is not less active like my last one in my last ward... And we went and taught Diana. We went to talk to her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ again, with the focus on faith. We told her how we need to act on our faith and the Lord will always bless us according to what we really need and when we need it. Out of no where our ward mission leader Hermano Estrada just starting pouring out a super personal story about his faith when he almost lost his wife and a set of twins when they were about to be born, but when he shared that story, the Spirit was just so strong and then afterwards we told Diana to pray, and then listen very carefully to how she felt. The very next day she called us and told us she was ready to get baptized. We didnt do it this weekend cuz she had a lot of things going on so we are going to be doing it this weekend!!!! We are soo pumped for her. I know the decision she has made will bless her life and her mom's life who is also an investigator. She isnt progressing as fast, but she loves us and goes to church. We just gotta explain things a little more simplified with her. 

We have been trying to also get out and visit more of the active families so that we can hopefully strengthen them even more and get them pumped up for the work of salvation. And to hopefully find some more people to teach. We found out this week at our zone conference (which was sweet by the way) that Elder Nelson came to Mexico and talked with all the mission presidents and their wives and that he sees a vision that we need to be baptizing every week! So that should be nuts! I know that if an Apostle has said that it can be done, it will be done, but with lots of work and lots of prayers with faith! We are going to try super hard this week to find some new people to teach so we can start doing that. One of the things we are going to start doing is when we go into stores and stuff we are just going to start asking the people if they want to hear a message of Jesus Christ or just casually ask the question if they want to get baptized just to start conversations! ;) We are very optomistic right now Elder Felsted and I. We just want to make the most of each day and enjoy our time together.

The zone conference was actually pretty easy. I thought it would be hard, but with my comp there it was actually easier than giving a district class in my opinion. So that was a blessing. The missionaries in our zone seemed to be extra motivated afterwards. So overall, it was a pretty legit week. I cant wait to see what this week has in store. I am pretty sure another baptism so we are soooo happy right now! :)

Hope you all have a good week! Keep working hard.
Love, Elder Hixon

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