Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nov, 11, 2013

Well, this time I dont have changes and I am not going to lie I am very glad I dont have changes. I would like to stay here in this área a Little longer. But my companion Elder Rogel has changes so I will be getting a new companion tomorrow at the changes meeting. I have a weird feeling I will be training this cycle because 12 Elders are headed home and we are recieving 21 new missionaries and I am pretty sure they are ALL Elders, no Hermanas. So I kinda am mentally preparing myself for having a ´´son´´ in the mission! I have been thinking about how awesome my trainer Elder McCormick was/is to me and to know that if I do train, I will be that same kind of example to a newcoming missionary. But I still dont even know if I will train. We shall see :)
So last monday we went to go try and contact some references and the investigator didnt want anything really. So that was a Little sad, but afterwards I helped the members son with his math homework and strangely enough, I kinda miss homework and school. I never ever thought I would say that in my life. I really want to get home and start studying. It is really weird but probably another reason why it is good for me to be out here on a mission. :) This week we taught lots and lots of less active members and really tried to ask the members for references. We didnt really have too much sucess because after the first time visiting with the less active family we would have a return appointment to try and contact their references. Lots of appointments fell through so we did lots and lots of walking this week! Super fun stuff.
The best part of this week was sunday! We had a family of investigators in church. They are named Max and Irais, they have 3 kids and they are so cute. One of them is 8 years old named Melani, one is 6 named Linsey, and a baby that is 1 year old named Ian. They were in church and said they really liked it. It happened to be our Ward Conference and lots of members from the stake were there. The sacrament meeting room was FILLED! There were about 210 members there at church and it was just an awesome day to renew my covenants. Max, Irais, and Melani have a baptismal date set up for the 14 of December. Now it is a battle between us, and Satan. We are gonna win of course! :)
We also have a Ward activity planned for the 14th of December that will be a Christmas themed activity and so that day will be the best ever when Max and Irais and Melani get baptized! It is getting weird seeing Christmas stuff starting to pop up. It makes me a Little homesick seeing that kinda stuff but I know I am where the Lord needs me and it will be worth it in the end. Besides the fact that we are an eternal family so we will have plenty of time to get to ´´hang out´´ :) I sure love and miss you all. I know that my Savior lives and still Works miracles through us today. I hope you all have an amazing week like I am going to have! :)
Love, Elder Hixon

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