Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 17, 2014

Hit my 10 months today. Weird. 2 short months and I will be half way done with this amazing adventure! This week passed by super fast of course. When does it not? We had some miracles happen this week. First story, so we had some appointments fall through, and we originally had plans to visit a less active family as a back up plan, but my comp and I basically at the same time felt prompted to visit one of our investigators Mauricio and his family. We went and saw them and they were home :) We visited them and they promised us they would get married on the 14th cuz it is also Valentine's day down here and the marriages would be free for that day!! But they said they had gotten in a fight earlier that day, and they didnt want to get married anymore. But after we visited them, they said that they felt calm again and that they would get married. Well, they did get married this week and so that turned out to be a huge miracle!!!! :) So Mauricio will be getting baptized this Saturday and he is very excited for it. I am too! ;)

We also have some other investigators that can possibly be baptized this week. Their names are Diana who is 25 and her mom, Araceli. They have the church attendance necessary and love to go to church, they feel good every time they read the Book of Mormon, and they always feel better from the stress of everyday life after reading the Book of Mormon. So they should get baptized right? Well for whatever reason, they still kinda have a little bit of fear but we are pretty sure we will see them get baptized this weekend too. But prayers would be excellent for Diana and Araceli :) The miracle about them this week was that they have a store they have and they have been trying to sell it for quite some time this week and wanted to sell it even more to have more time to be able to dedicate to church and everything. Well, after lots of prayers, they found out that tomorrow it will be sold. So they are super happy about that! And we are super excited for them.

This week shall be a super quick one as well. On Wednesday Elder Felsted and I are going to be giving a 2 hour training to the zone. The whole zone conference will last 6 hours, but President Egbert and his wife are gonna help us with the other 4 hours and we will be eating too!  We made a sweet powerpoint for a few of our companionship studies and we are excited and I am a little nervous for the whole thing! 

This weekend we had our stake conference, it was my first one in my entire mission! I think I have been changed to a different area right after all the conference happened so it was the first time. It was excellent. They talked about the work of salvation and some of our investigators went and said they really enjoyed it. I love this Church and I know it is the true church! I love my Savior and know that it is essential to listen to the promptings of the Spirit... If we hadnt followed the one with Mauricio, he wouldnt be married right now and he would not be able to enter into the gate that leads him to eternal life if he had not gotten married. Pretty amazing what one prompting of the Spirit can lead too! I know that the Lord still works miracles everyday and that miracles can only happen if we have faith! I hope that every one of you can find a miracle this week according to your faith. I love Mexico and I love being a missionary!!!

And yes, I love you all too and miss you too,
Have a great week!
Elder Hixon

Ps, we talked to President Egbert this week and he said that we have to go to MOLANGO to do divisions with the Elders there! I am stoked out of my mind to be able to teach and visit the people I have once served :) One of these weeks we will get out there. It is just so stinkin far. 

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