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Nov 25, 2013

Cant believe that Thursday is Thanksgiving! The time is passing by so fast. I know I say that every week, but it is just so true! Exactly one month from today too, it is Christmas. So we will all see how fast this month passes by! So this week was full of blessings and awesome lessons and studies!

Monday after 6 we went and had a FHE with some less active in the ward and they had a video of mormon messages and in one of the messages it said that there is somebody that is going through a harder time than you! I knew that Heavenly Father was talking to me directly saying that I shouldnt worry so much thinking about missing Thanksgiving and that all He needs me to do right now is focus on the work! President Egbert is awesome too and wrote us a letter last week saying that it is super important to work, work, work! He is a really great example to me for that reason. He literally does not stop working! 

Tuesday we decided to visit the Delgado Family which is an active family and when we got there the parents werent home and the son Moroni, yes his name is Moroni, invited us in and told us that his parents would get home soon. We said yeah and we waited. We waited for about 35 minutes and I felt like I was just losing time, but I kept getting an impression that we need to teach this family. Well, finally the family got home and we started to teach them. About 5 minutes after the opening prayer, there was a knock on the door. It was one of their neighbors. Her name is Maribel, and she is very nice and we only had a little bit of time to talk to her cuz she had to go, but I knew that she was the reason why we were to be teaching the Delgado family. We are planning on going to a FHE with the Delgado`s tonight and hopefully they invited Maribel :)

Wednesday we worked a lot and at the end of the day we found a lady that had been baptized but never confirmed. There are plenty of those down here in Mexico! :( But I was excited to find her and try to reteach her so that she can be rebaptized and confirmed! We dont still have her records in the system so we GET to rebaptize her. 

Thursday the assistants to the president joined Elder Vazquez and I in our studies. It was pretty awesome. Before we studied together, Elder Loza one of the assistants just talked with me in my room about how I was doing and my district. I was just telling him how I didnt want to plateau as a missionary and that I wanted to keep progressing. He told me that I have progressed a ton, (Elder Loza was one of my Zone Leaders when I was in Molango), and he told me that one the Lord knows I am ready to progress, he gives me another assignment as a missionary. It is true because when I was starting to feel like I was getting comfortable as a missionary, I was made a District leader and then when I got used to that, I am now training. So the Lord has been giving me more and more responsibility to help me progress. It was really great to be able to talk about that with Elder Loza. Then in the afternoon we had a meeting with our bishop who is a monster by the way! We had a meeting in his combi, a combi is like a 15 seat van. It was pretty cool. We just talked about investigators and stuff and he is just a really cool guy! 

Friday I really enjoyed my studies and found out that the sons of Mosiah served their missions for 14 years. That is like 7 missions. My 2 years are NOTHING! But I was grateful to read that because it makes me want to work harded with the little time I have here in Mexico. We also got some delicious tacos to end the night after working really hard! So while you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving dinners, I will enjoy so super delicious Mexcian food that you cant find in the US! :) 

Saturday was pretty awesome, we taught a super powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon to a sister who is really Christian. She had a lot of doubts and I was never quite sure what to do or what to say to cut out all her doubts. So what my comp and I decided to do was to just reteach the Restoration and to just focus on the Book of Mormon. So basically we taught one of the most spiritual lessons ever with her and my testimony strengthed a ton just by testifying over and over and over again of the Book of Mormon. It is a true book, no doubt! I love it!

Then on Sunday, we didnt have any investigators again at church. I was a little sad again of course, but it was the Primary Program this week and that cheered me right up! It was pretty awesome, but not gonna lie the people down here, especially the kids cant sing very well! Oh well, they make me feel like I can sing like an angel! :) The biggest miracle happened there at church though. Almost at the start of the 3rd hour, a maned entered the building and his name is Jenaro, and he told us he was looking for light and truth. I told him that he was in the right place! We just decided to teach him right then and there and we taught him about the trinity and how God love us. It was really awesome and I asked him how he got to the church, and he was telling us that he was praying to God even though he didnt know how to and we walking and walking to try and find the truth. Well I told him straight up that he recieved and answer to his prayers and that he can know that God is always going to hear his prayers. It is just super spiritual and he accepted the invitation to be baptized. We still dont know when, but it was seriously just the biggest blessing ever to finally have an investigator in church and to teach somebody that was so willing to learn. Jenaro might be the most humble and prepared person I have ever taught in my entire mission! I am really excited to see how he progresses. 

In this Thanksgiving I am super grateful to be a missionary! I am grateful for carpet. I am grateful for hard working members of the church! I am grateful for the Book of Mormon. I am grateful for my family! I am grateful for a knowledge of the Gospel that I have. I am thankful for the gift of tongues. I am grateful for Jesus Christ. And over everything, I am grateful for the Atonement! I know that Jesus suffered for each one of us and that we can rely on Him for all of our difficulties and trials that we face daily! If we are happier every day, we can know that Jesus didnt have to suffer so much! 

I love and miss all of you! Have a very happy Thankgiving! :)
Elder Hixon

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