Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feb 10, 2014

Wow, so the changes! I am now a Zone Leader here in the Pachuca Centro zone. It is the zone that has Molango in in, where I started my mission! So I guess there is a possibility that I go back there. That would be super sweet huh? My new companion is Elder Felsted from Utah. He is AWESOME! We are so happy to be working together. He has about 14 months in the mission and he only has one transfer as a zone leader! He is a really funny guy... We are constantly laughing and cracking jokes. We laugh at ourselves too for how ridiculous our English is! We talk in super spanglish and it is so funny! He loves to play soccer too so automatically we are best friends! The best part about this area is that we have BIKES!!!!!! We totally cruise on our bicicletas ;) I cant help but think of what the people think about us.... Two white guys in white shirts and ties riding around everywhere on bikes. Haha, I love it! The bikes are super sweet and new too. I guess there is one rich guy in our ward that bought 4 of them for us two and two other missionaries that split the ward with us. It is called the Revolucion ward. I cant help but think about Magic Mountain every time I hear the name. ;) It is a really big ward... Yesterday we had 199 people go. And when I showed up the bishop asked me to give a talk. So I gave another talk yesterday and everyone told me that it was an excellent talk and they were really surprised to know that I only have 9, well almost 10 months in the mission cuz I guess I speak pretty well.

Anyways, this week has been one of the best I have ever had in the mission. I am so happy to be here in this ward and the house we live in is pretty sweet. I hope that next week I will be able to send pictures. As a zone leader we literally have zero time to do anything. We are working from 6:30am to 10:30pm if I wasnt already doing that earlier! Some of the things we gotta do is take reports from all the Elders in the zone, the numbers and their well being. We literally were taking reports yesterday from 3pm until 8:30pm and then we went and rode our bike super fast up and taught a less active! It is crazy, and it is like that everyday. We work everyday like normal and then we get home and plan and then the phone goes off like crazy and we are getting the missionaries pumped and helping them with their struggles and trying to know the names of their investigators. Honestly it is a lot but I am loving every single minute of it.

This week we had a bunch of really cool teaching experiences. We found on two different occasions, two different less active families that really needed our help by the guidance of the Spirit with the ward list we have. It was pretty sweet. I unfortunately dont have the time to tell them in detail but I love being a missionary for that reason, to be so close to the promptings of the Spirit and then listening and acting! The blessings we recieve from being obedient are innumerable! I am so so so happy right now and super excited for my new assignment as zone leader and my companion is such a CHAMP!!! Oh and right now we have 6 people with baptismal dates. We put 3 new dates this week and they came to church! :) That made me super happy. Next week is the Pachuca Centro's stake conference, the first stake conference that I will be in in all of my time here in Mexico. Crazy huh? I am kinda excited for that! Being in Pachuca is pretty sweet cuz today played soccer and then we went to a place really close called Peter Piper's Pizza which is a pizza buffet. I ate a ton of pizza today. Super delicious :) 

Well, I had an amazing week, I sure hope you all have a great week. I know I will! :)
Elder Hixon

I promise pictures next week :)

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