Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jan 13, 2014

¡Què una semana! What a week. I would say this week has been one of the most gratifying weeks I have had here in the mission. All of the hard work and diligence and obedience was giving back to me in so many blessings from my Heavenly Father! First off, I am pretty sure I mentioned in my last weeks letter that our standards of excellence had been raised to 40 (25 with investigators and 15 with less actives or recent converts) and no my companion and I didnt reach that goal but we taught 29 lesson this week, the most I have ever taught in this area! And there is nothing that is going to stop me this week from having more and inviting even more people to be baptized!!

This week my companion and I had 14 people that had baptismal dates and commited to be baptized either on the 1st of February or the 8th... Well, 7 of those people showed up this Sunday so those people will keep their dates! Of those 7 people, Max and Irais and thier daughter Melani were there. That is a story I will share in just a sec... Also, Roberto and Erika were there, Erick Palacios, and a lady named Mirium. So 7 people from 4 different families were there! You should have seen how pumped Elder Vazquez and I were when each one of them walked in to the chapel!!! I couldnt stop smiling haha! So, for the story about Max and Irais... I called them on Saturday night at about 7 to tell them that we would be running a little late to an appointment we had with them and Max told us that he would be leaving the house shortly. So I told him that maybe it would be better if we just saw him at church the next day. He then told me that he didnt think he would be able to make it to church the next day. I became really sad and told him, ''Max, you know the reasons why it is important to go to church, and you know that faith is super important and that you will be losing those blessings if you don`t come to church tomorrow.'' Pretty sure those words werent my words because normally I dont talk so sternly. But my comp felt impressed before we left the house that afternoon to bring a white shirt and tie for Max. So we decided to book it to their house and we made it and taught them a super quick but powerful lesson and gave Max a shirt and tie! At the end of the lesson, Max said... ''Yeah, were gonna go to church tomorrow.'' I was SO pumped! And they showed up. So it just goes to show you the importance it is to follow the promptings of the Spirit ALWAYS! :) 

Other than that, this week has been filled with an interview with President Egbert. He is an amazing man! It was so great to hear from him personally that I was a worthy missionary in every way and that he wished that all the Elders here in the Pachuca mission were Elder Hixons. Haha that would be really boring! ;) Also the very next day, I had a leadership training meeting and those are always filled with the Spirit and I was so pumped again to be working again with everything I got! 

Oh, just a really quick story that I thought was pretty hilarious. So Erick Palacios is one of our investigators and he is absolutely awesome, he came to church one time in october and then had like 5 weeks of training in his work and then his wife was really pregnant so they didnt come to church for a really long time, but last week and this week they came to church. Anyways, last week he actually gave us a ride to church and their 4 year old daughter when we rolled in to the parking lot said ''Uhhh por fin llegamos a la capilla!'' (Uhhh finally we came to church!) It was great! Really to the children of such is the kingdom of God! :) 

Well, basically had an amazing week and look forward to see what the Lord has in store for me this week!!! Love you all and apreciate all the prayers that head my way. Keep being the best ever!

Elder Hixon

Ps... The picture is of the Flores Family. He is the bishop of the ward and his daughter got baptized! :) Isnt she so cute?

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