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Nov 18, 2013

Yesterday I hit my seven months! It has been so long, but so fast at the same time! The days seem to be like an eternity full of lots of things happening, and the weeks and months just seem to keep rolling by. Its kinda like high school! I know my time is short here and I really need to make the most of it!

So... Just as I predicted, IM TRAINING! :) Its actually really cool. My son´s name is Elder Vazquez and he is from Durango, Durango Mexico. He is just a little older than me... His birthday is in May if I remember correctly. So that makes him the oldest in age in my District, but the least experienced. In my district right now there is me, Elder Beck, Elder Jimenez, and my comp. Elder Beck and I (comps in the MTC) are both training right now! So our district is even more new now as far as experience goes now that Elder Rogel is gone. Something else crazy in the changes happened... Elder Christensen, my comp from my last area, he is now my Zone Leader. So that is really fun :) I am back in lots of contact with him. I will probably even be able to do divisions with him this cycle. It will be fun to be his companion again for a day! :) 

This week was pretty crazy with trying to visit with as many people as possible and introduce them to my new comp! We worked really hard thats for sure. He is gonna be worked even harded than I was when I was trained! ;) Not gonna lie, I have been getting a little homesick thinking that I would be home for Thanksgiving. Nothing too serious just gonna miss all of you! But President Egbert is amazing and wrote us a letter this week that said that we just need to work and that work is a blessing from our Heavenly Father. I definitely know that if I just work, I wont be thinking about home too much and I will have more success as a missionary.

We didnt have investigators at church this week! :/ But I know that no matter what happens this week after week, as long as I am giving it my all, the Lord is happy for my service. After the changes meeting, I had to go to a meeting for the missionaries that are training. President Egbert is one of my favorite people ever by the way... He said that every day we should be able to come home and say we are a little more tired than we were the day before! Thats the goal! :) I am really happy to be training because it makes me want to be an even better missionary to set a good example for my son! :) My companion is very awesome and has an amazing testimony! He hasnt complained one time and I am very grateful for that because we work really hard! :) 

Basically, I am grateful to be here serving a mission, even though it is hard, even though sometimes the people dont progress as fast as I would like them too! I know I am in the right place and the Lord doesnt want me to be in any other place. I hope you all have a fantastic week. You are all in my prayers! Love you.

Elder Hixon

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