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Sept 23, 2013

So I hit my 5 month mark on tuesday! And this week will be the last week of this cycle. Including the MTC, I will be starting my 5th cycle next week. As a missionary, you only get 16. Its really starting to hit me how fast this two years will go by. I remember thinking in my first and second cylce here in mexico and thinking that this would be the longest 2 years of my life, but I am finally starting to believe all the older elders that have 18, 19, 20 months in.

This week went pretty well. Just flew by if anything! Because of the hurricanes we have had rain, basically everyday. But nothing too serious. My life is no where in danger! ;) So some of the highlights of the week. We had some really great lessons with some investigators. The two most promising are Mirium and Apolonia. Mirium is about 30, she had a daughter that is a member and her mom is a member also. She was one of the 4 investigators we had in church this sunday! :) Btw I was super happy about 4 in church because the other 4 weeks I have been in this area, we only had 1 in church every week. So that was a little tender mercy right there! Mirium has a date set up for the 12th of October and I really hope she will be baptized, she is totally reading the Book Of Mormon and is already in Alma I think. The other awesome investigator is Apolonia. She is 50 years old and totally loves the way our church works. She has gone to church twice but wasnt there this week for some reason. We are gonna try and find our why tomorrow. She loves when we come to teach her and she loves reading the pamphlets we leave with her. We actually taught her on Wednesday when I went on divisions again this week. I stayed here with one of our zone leaders, Elder Hirst. He has about 18 months and is from Augden, Utah. He is a very cool guy. Anyways so we were teaching Apolonia the Plan of Salvation and it was an awesome lesson, we even commited her to a date on the 12th of October also, but she wasnt at church so that date will move over a week. So we taught the lesson and it was the last lesson of the day before going home and Elder Hirst told me in his own words, ´´Dude, you are a champ.´´ And I told him why he was saying that and he said, ´´Cuz bro, you already teach the Plan of Salvation really well and you only have 5 months´´ haha I thought it was pretty funny cuz everybody tells me how great I am at spanish and how they really think I am a good missionary. After hearing it so many times, I think I am starting to believe them. I really like to do divisions because you learn so much from other Elders and what you can do better as a missionary and you learn how to teach in different ways too! That was probably one of the best experiences of the week.

One other quick story. So Elder Christensen and I like to read the BOM together out loud but in spanish to make our spanish better and to feel the spirit cuz the book of mormon is the best! So we have been reading since the beginning and we read 1 Nephi 13 and that chapter is amazing. I have read that chapter like 5 times and I have never known how awesome it was. Nephi is seeing all these things that would happen and prophesies and just reading it and studying it made me realize that everything he saw, have happened! Maybe not everything, but a ton of stuff! It was such a testimony builder. Also, shout out to Sister Nuñez back at home because I remember her telling me that the Book of Mormon is better in spanish than in english. I can start to say that I am believing her! The spanish version is put very simply and there are just things that dont translate directly from English to Spanish. Its kinda complicated to explain but no matter what language the book is in, it is a true book! 

So overall, this week was a good one. Just lots of rain! Don´t know what happened to it to be completely honest! It´s hard to believe how much time has already flown by. Vamos a ver lo que pasa entre esta semana. I will leave you guys up to translating that! :) Hasta luego! 

Les amo muchisimo! 
Elder Hixon

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