Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feb 3, 2014

Happy February! Well, I found out today that I have changes. I will be going who knows where tomorrow. I will not be with my son anymore so that makes me a little sad! But I know he will continue to do many great things here in Plazas! He is my little champ ;) I will let you all know next week about my changes. We will see what happens right?

So this week was a little hard... We only got 29 lessons this week. Haha only... After hearing the expereinces of Trevor and Jake Hixon I am exrememly grateful for the 29. My companion got a little sick on Monday afternoon and so we were kinda limited as far as the work went this week. At least to start the week. It is no fun to see your companion struggling. But I did have a cool experience, he asked me for a priesthood blessing and I gave him one and it was the first time I had given a pristhood blessing to a companion. It was a really cool experience because it let me know that he had confidence in the priesthood I hold and we definitely grew closer as companions after the blessings. I am seriously going to miss working with Elder Vazquez. 

So this week my studies were amazing. Right now I am reading the New Testament and I am loving it! I really appreciate the example of our Savior. He was the perfect teacher! I love being able to represent Him in everyway. I love how simple He taught and how powerfully He taught too! Also in my studies this week I have been reading the General Conference talks from October 2013. I came across the talk by Elder M. Russell Ballard, I challenge you to read that talk this week and you will know what to do! Such a powerful talk. 

So one quick legit story and I gotta go... So last night we were teaching the Rodriguez Gaspar family and we watched the Restoration video. Cool story huh? No just kidding, after the video we were testifying and we invited the family to orar (pray) to see for themselves if the Book of Mormon was true. And my companion invited them and they kinda hesitated. So I felt prompted again to testify and I did, then I felt prompted to invite them all individually. I started with the Hermano, and he said he would. Then when I asked the wife, she told us she had a dream the same night after we left and taught them last. She told us that she had a dream that she was in a room sleeping with her family in one bed, and then her parents were sleeping in another bed in the same room. She said that in her dream she saw a man walk in and started to attack her mother and that she started saying her memorized prayers and call the Virgin Mary cuz she is Catholic, and that nothing happened. Then out of no where she said, in her dream, ''In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave!'' And it left... I told her that I was no pro at interpreting dreams, (even though it would be pretty cool to pull a Joseph in Egypt thing) and I testified that Jesus Christ is the only path and then asked them the question if they would be willing to leave all their traditions and beliefs if they know that the Book of Mormon is true. And they said YES!!!! I was so happy cuz we have invited them to baptism twice and they just said that it was the same. That it is the same God and that they were fine where they were. But this lesson changed everything! So we will invite them to be baptized next lesson. So exiciting. I love feeling the Spirit working through me. It is the coolest! So that was my super cool story for the week. 

I love every single one of you and pray for you daily! Be jealous that I am down here eating cow eye ball tacos! And also cow tongue tacos. They are pretty tasty. I am pretty convinced that anything in a taco is tasty! :) Alrighty, well you all have a great week. We will see what happens with me haha!

Elder Hixon

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