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Oct 28, 2013

Hey everyone,

I cant believe that on Friday we will hit November. I wont be celebrating Halloween this year but the 2nd of November they celebrate the day of the dead or something like that. Its a holiday more commonly know among the Catholic church and the people leave stuff on their ancestors graves and stuff. Basically everyone is Catholic here so it should be an interesting day here in Mexico. Its a little weird and I honestly dont understand it all. But they have what is called ´´Pan de muerto´´ or ´´dead bread´´ and it is super delicious. It is just some sweet bread with sugar on top. 

So this week was pretty successful, not as far as the amount of lessons we taught but the fact that we have found 3 new families to teach this week. They are all families of 4 and have little kids in their families. In each of the 3 families there is 3 possible baptisms so Elder Rogel and I are pretty stoked about that!!! One of the families was a reference from one of the amazing sisters in our ward and their daughter went to the Youth Conference that went on in the church about 2 weeks ago and loved it so we are really excited to continue to teach them! Another family is a reference from another member of our ward and they are named Max and Irais, they have 2 little girls and oh I lied a baby boy so they have 5 people in their family. I just cant remember the names of the two girls right now. So many names to remember!! :) But this family was really special, we walked in and Max was drinking a beer and when I walked in I was kinda optomistic but we decided to just go with the first lesson. During the whole lesson, one of their daughters who is 6 years old was wanting me to draw a picutre. I told her I didnt know how to draw and so she told me she was going to teach me. Honestly she drew better than I can. IT was actually really fun, she tought me how to draw a bear. So with her I double tasked, I learned how to draw a picture to keep the little girl quiet and Elder Rogel and I taught a powerful lesson. The both of them, Max and Irais said they would love to read the Book of Mormon and they were very excited to learn more. Unfortunately it is the only  lesson we have been able to have with them! But at the end of the lesson, the little 6 year old ran up to me and gave me this huge hug and was asking for a kiss too. It was sooo cute! So made me miss my girls back at home! (Emily, Clara, and Livvy) The last family we taught we taught last night and they were really nice. The guys name is Luis and he found us in the street about 2 weeks ago while he was drunk but when we taught him last night with his family he was really humble and their entire family was open to our message!

So with the new investigators to teach we have been really excited and happy to be here. Also a read quick story about the power of the Book of Mormon. So we are teaching a man named Carlos and he is the neighbor of our 1st councilor in the bishopric. Anyways, he is/was really Catholic. We taught him about the Resoration and seemed to have a lot of doubts but he said he would read and would listen to us again. So the next time we visited with him he said he didnt read. :( So we decided to read with him and felt prompted to read the cover page, the intro, and the testimony of Joseph Smith with him. He told us he had a really hard time reading but that he would try. So we started reading and he read perfectly and got really interested in our message. I asked him why he said he couldnt read good, and he said that before he didnt have faith but now he does so he can no read better! I thought that was pretty awesome. He is really progressing now and praying with lots of faith to God and not to the Virgin Mary. The catholics worship Mary more than Jesus and God. It is really weird. But Carlos is a champ and even accepted a baptismal date! 

So the work here really is progressing and I am really excited for that. I also just recieved excellent news from Elder Christensen, my last comp, that one of our investigators Mirium got baptized on Saturday! :) So that makes me really happy too. Overall it was a really great week and look forward to continue working hard and finding even more people that are ready to hear our message! Love you and miss you all.

Elder Hixon

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