Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jan 6, 2014

First off, Feliz Día de Los Tres Magos (3 Kings Day). Pretty sure this holiday is bigger than Christmas was... Weird. This week went by really fast! I think I say that every week... So second off, we have a baptism set up for the 1st of February with Erick Palacios. I have been teaching him since the 1st or 2nd week I got here so it is amazing to finally see him progressing and getting his family to church. They actually gave us a ride to church so we didnt even have to pay for the combi to get to church this week! :) They blessed his baby and gave him a name in church yesterday so that was a really neat experience. He told us that he wants our less active ward mission leader Tomás Avila to baptize him so we were pretty stocked about that! Reactivating and converting at the same time. It doesnt get better than that! :)

 We had 5 people with baptismal dates for this sunday, but only Erick came. It was okay because we went after and put 5 more days right after church yesterday. I am pretty confident that these people will start progressing. My comp and I are going to do everything to teach the importance of going to church and repentance so that they do what they gotta do so that they understand that this big change they do in their lives isnt for a few weeks, or a few months, or a few years even, but really a change that they are going to be making for their lives! 

The 5 people are Max, Irais, and their 8 year old daughter named Melani. I have also been teaching them forever but finally they are starting to read the Book of Mormon, and they are now willing to go to church every week. They just didnt wake up... My fault cuz I should have called them before church. The other 2 people are Roberto and Erika. They are really nice people. Erika is super awesome, she is really like a CHAMP (haha that word again) and is in 2 Nephi something, she is starting the Isaiah chapters. She also told us she got an answer that the BOM is true in a dream that she had. And she wants to get married to Roberto but he is a lot more difficult. He is honestly one of the coolest guys I have met but he has a really stong character and he gets really angry really fast. We taught one of the most intense lessons ever last night with him and Erika, we almost lost them, but listening to the Spirit, I just testified of all the things I was grateful for to have the Gospel in my life and then invited Roberto to baptism, he said no. But with a little persistence and faith, the Spirit touched his heart and said yes! We still got a lot of work with them but I absolutely love them to death!!! 

This week my comp and I want to invite the biggest number of people we can to baptism so that more people can recieve those blessings! :) It is such a privelege to be a missionary to be able to invite others to be baptized. Nobody else in the whole world has that privelege! Gotta enjoy it while I can for the rest of my mission. ;) 

New Years passed by really fast. The only different thing we did was have a dinner with the Martinez family. They are CHAMPS! ;) I finally got my turkey that I was waiting for forever ;) The funny thing is that we ate it with salsa instead of gravy. Oh well, I am in Mexico after all! :)

Well, that was basically my week. Looking forward to this week too, should be full of blessings and hard work! Have a great week. I sure love you all!

Elder Hixon

Ps... The pictures are of the Martinez family and the turkey. And my district. Dont we look happy? :)

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