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Oct 7, 2013

Wow! So this week was quite a tough one for me. Yet I learned a lot!!!! So as most of you know I had transfers for this cycle after only being in my last area for one cycle. My new companion this time is not a white boy! My new companion´s name is Elder Rogel from Veracruz, Mexico. He is a champion! The craziest thing about this cycle is that I am now a District Leader! That is one of the big reasons why I had changes so fast! It is a lot of responsibility to be honest. I am glad my district is small. We are 4 elders, (2 companionships). It consists of me, my companion, Elder Beck (yes my companion from the MTC), and a new Elder to the mission who is named Elder Jimenez. The 4 of us combined have less than 2 years experince. My comp has the most time out of all of us, he has 7 months in the mission. I have almost 6 and the same as Elder Beck who right now is training Elder Jimenez. So we have about 18 months combined experience the 4 of us! It is very interesting but I am very humbled to have this assignment as District Leader.
So I am working in this area called Tizayuca in the zone Pachuca Sur. Sur means south! :) My ward is called Plazas and so far the work here has been really hard!! My comp and I both came here and we didnt know anything! We didnt know where we lived, the boundries of our area (the area is gigantic btw), we didnt know anybody either. Also the missionaries that lived here before us didnt fill out the Area Book very well. SOOOO basically this week was very hard. I had the privelige to give a District class on Wednesday. I get to do that every week and to add even more pressure, I our zone leaders came to my class. That actually turned out to be a blessing because I am pretty good friends with one of our zone leaders right now. His name is Elder Menendez and he is from Los Angeles. He is the Soman looking guy in one of the pictures. His is hilarious! Anyways so this week, Elder Rogel and I have been working really hard and have not really been able to teach many lessons this week. We didnt really get to know many members either this week at church because it was General Conference.
General Conference was amazing! It was really interesting because for the Saturday morning and afternooon sessions I watched it in spanish at the church. I am not really sure if the people can watch it in their houses or not. I think it is just easier for all of them to just go to the church. Anyways but then for the Pristhood and Sunday morning sessions I watched in Pachuca at the mission offices with a few of the other white guys in English! Let me tell you it is WAYYY better in English. Then once again in Spanish to end. It was good in Spanish too but is more powerful when you actually get to hear the voice of the propht and not translator. My favorite quote was from Dieter F. Utchdorf when he said ´´Doubt you doubts, before you doubt your testimony.´´
So yeah, this week was really hard but I learned a lot of patience and humility. I really would appreciate a few extra prayers this week to help me and my companion be able to find the people we need to teach. It is a little hard but I have lots of faith that everything willl be okay! Love you and miss you all!
Elder Hixon

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