Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sept 9, 2013

So this week was pretty good. It went by so fast... like always! This week rained a ton! I guess there is a hurricane going on or something and thats why there is so much rain. Honestly I dont mind it all too much. I like the rain. It reminds me of playing soccer games in the rain! Speaking of soccer, I played soccer this morning and I just would like to let you all know that I still have it! ;) I played really well even though I had been out of practice. I am really out of soccer shape though, I guess walking around all day everyday doesnt keep me in soccer shape! You would think it would right? ;) Well I am going to share a quick story and that is all I will have time for. So on wednesday, we visited like 8 people to try and have a lesson, but they all just didnt want to talk to us or were ´´busy´´. So we were walking around everywhere. Lots of fun! And so we finally decided to slow down and say a prayer. We had a decision to go and visit 3 families but only had time to visit one before lunch. So we prayed and we decided to go in one direction to this first family. We both took a few steps and both felt bad about that decision. So we went to this other family, but nobody was home. A little discouraged, we waited to see why the Lord wanted us there. But nothing happened, so we visited this second family that was different that the original family we had in mind. But again, nothing! Getting a little frustrated with 11 people not being home I was about to give up and just go to the lunch appointment. But right when we were about to go, the people that we were going to go see right from the beginning walk by us and we asked them if we could visit them. They said yes and so we taught them about the Book of Mormon or something. The lesson didnt have anything too special in it but I learned a lesson that the Lord knows way better than us where we need to be and who we need to go visit! It is our responsibility however as His children to have the Spirit with us so the we can be receptive to the promptings of the spirit! I know that it is vital to missionary work and to everybody that we have the spirit with us in our lives.
 Oh and just a couple of cool facts for the week, I have now eaten chicken feet. NASTY! haha they are just pure fat! Super nasty, and also as Elder Christensen and I were walking ever so speedily in the rain, there happened to be a bus pass by and there was a man peeing out of the back of it. Yeah, before we had time to react, we realized that we had just got peed on by a man out of the back of the bus! Thats Mexico for you! :) Gotta love it! Love and miss you all. Know that I pray for you and that prayer is very important. Olivia can now tell us that too! Have a great, cool week! 

Elder Hixon

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