Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 12

Hey all! The girl I baptized, her name was Lucero. She lives in Zacualtipan, the other place we serve in that we go to every wednesday and saturday. Basically all the people in the photo all want to get baptized but they cant cuz they are living together but arent married. They were married but then got separated with their spouces and now they lost contact and it is super difficult to get divorced here in Mexico. But Lucero was super ready to be baptized and she had listened to missionaries before. She was super prepared by the Lord and we just happened to be the Elders to be there at the right time for her. We have another baptismal date with one other girl in the photo I believe but her mom got really mad when she told her she wanted to get baptized. We will see what happens with her. We are gonna continue to teach her cuz she really really wants to get baptized after watching Lucero´s baptism. 

We have 3 more people that are gonna be baptized on Friday. I will send photos of them next week. Their names are Jaan, Mateo, and Catalina. Jaan is 9 almost 10. Mateo is 13. And Catalina is 19. They are nephews and a neice of a less active member that we are activating and they live with her. They are super awesome and they love us. Hopefully everything stays good with them. I am super excited. My companion and I are working really hard and had a goal of 7 baptisms in July. We have 7 with dates so it would be awesome to see our hard work pay off. I know that when we set our minds to something and we have faith, the Lord will provide a way to do whatever thing it is that we want to do! I have learned so much about the power of prayer and that if we pray with faith that we will be blessed with the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Heavenly Father really answers us. We just have to be listening. I dont have much time but I just love this gospel and I know Joseph Smith was a  prophet. I love being able to teach so much cuz everytime I bear my witness that this church is true, I can feel my testimony strengthening! 

My spanish is still coming along, I am realizing that I am not translating from spanish to english hardly at all anymore. Spanish is spanish and english is english. Its hard to explain. I am just super excited for the baptisms that hopefully happen on Friday! Just keep Jaan, Mateo, and Catalina in your prayers! All right I think that is all I have time for. I love you all. Have a great week. Until next week!

Elder Hixon

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