Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another week down (7/15)

Hey all,

Wow where to start this week.... So many great things happened. At best I will share two stories that I liked best and then talk about so other good stuff!

Well the first story isnt really a story. Just the fact that my companion and I baptized Catalina, Jaan, and Mateo. And this time it was in a waterfall!!!! And we have one more baptism scheduled for Saturday! Okay I lied there is a story.... The three of them got confirmed on sunday in the casa de oraciĆ³n, or house of prayer, as they call it because it is too small to be called a church building. That experience was AMAZING. I felt the spirit so strong as they recieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost. What a blessing it is for all of us members of the church that have this gift. That we have the promise to always have it with us as long as we keep the commandments. Anything bad that happened this week disappeared right then because I was reminded again about how special and sacred this work is I do and all missionaries do. Right after, Mateo was interview for the priesthood and he was then ordained a deacon. So now we will have one active deacon and one active teacher to pass the sacrament and not me anymore! Something else I learned this week is the importance of the priesthood. Without the priesthood the branch we have here cannot, will not grow. The priesthood is the power of God to act in his name and if there are no worthy active priesthood holders there, the church cant run smoothly. I am so grateful for my priesthood and that I can use it bless others. It brings such an overwhelming joy to me! 

The second story is this... We were in Zacualtipan, our other area and we were having our lunch. Then the girlfriend of one of the members of the little group there (it is too small to be called a branch) came and my companion just started talking to her. At first she seemed really hesitant to talk but after a few minutes she opened up. My companion right there basically gave the entire resoration lesson and then gave me the time to bear my testimony and explain the Book of Mormon. The lesson was somewhat short but it was really powerful. But the best part is this... We asked her to give the closing prayer and she accepted. So we taught her how to pray and from the moment she opened her mouth and said, Padre Celestial or (heavenly father) my comp and I felt the spirit super strong! She was crying by the second or third sentence and it was the most amazing prayer I have heard from an investigator ever!! IT was amazing. I then testified to her that if she read the Book of Mormon and felt the same way as she did the the pray that she would know that this is the true church. We havent seen her since but I am so excited to see what happens with her. It was just an awesome experience.

Well other than that it was an awesome week with less rain. I got my camera stolen which stink but whatever, nothing can stop me from working hard and loving these people! Oh and president and sister Egbert absolutely LOVE my comp and I! They are like my Mexican parents here on my mission. I look forward to the 21 months I have with them. My 3 months is on wednesday! Unbelievable. Oh and one more thing I have a baptism for Saturday, I dont know if I already mentioned that or no. But president Egbert and his wife are driving all the way up here to see it so it is going to be something really special! Thank you all for your prayers and for all you have done for me to get this point in my life. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND I LOVE MY MISSION!

Until next week,
Elder Hixon

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