Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hey all! (8/5)

Well this wont be too long, I dont have much time but this week went by so fast! My companion and I worked so hard and ended up working in a good 44 lessons this week! It is only frustrating when you have 7 or so invesitgators and then none of them come to church! :( But its okay, just got to work a little harder right? Fun fact of the week; I got pizza hut pizza on wednesday night and it was delicious!!! We got 2 supreme pizzas and one pepperoni. They got all kinds of good stuff in Pachuca. But since I am here in Molango in the middle of no where I just get pure mexican food all day everyday! (I guess that is not so bad of a thing)

 Well I had one really awesome experience that I would like to share. We had a zone training meeting and I learned a lot! We as a zone had a goal in July to baptize about 35 people, but our zone only got 11 baptisms. So our zone leaders and the mission assistants were really worried there. One of the assistants, Elder Shillig stood up and talked and I dont recall all the words he said, but whatever he said moved me! I know that I need to work harder and I can always improve as a missionary. Yes I feel like I am doing a lot and yes it might be more than other missionaries, but I am giving the Lord my 100%? I think that is a good question that we need to ask ourselves everyday, are we willing to give the Lord 100%? It is something I have tried to work on since the training meeting on wedensday. I felt as if I was getting comfortable and going through the motions. I am now trying to continue to study harder, teach with more power, and love the people even more. We can always improve everyday. I have been reading in Jesus the Christ and I have come to appreciate the Savior and his atonement more and more as the days go on! I am so grateful for His sacrifice for each and every one of us. The atonement personal and infinite. I know He lives, and I am so grateful to represent Him! These were just a couple of the things I learned and have been thinking about this week and I would like to share with you all! 

Well, I believe that is all I have time for. I hope all those at Bass Lake have a great time and eat an extra piece of Pizza Factory pizza for me! YUM!! Love and miss you all. Thanks for your prayers and love!

Elder Hixon

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