Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Here in Tecamec (8/26)

So I am here in Tecamec in the ward Huicholes and I really like it here. I apologize ahead of time for being so brief. I literally have no time. It was a really busy PDAY. I cant believe how different it is to be working in a ward and not a branch. I like it because we have recieved a ton of references. I have pictures to send but my USB drive isnt working right now. I will see what happens next week! :) But Elder Christensen is really nice. He sings really amazing though. He kind of reminds me of Elder Van Tassel that we had serving in our ward a few years ago, a really good singer and obedient but a little strange. We get along really well. The crazy thing is, is that my spanish is just as good as his, (he says mine is better) and he has been out for 10 months! So that makes me feel really good. We put a baptismal date on this lady and she came to church on Sunday so that was awesome. I think she will progress just fine, her name is Apalonia. She is the sister in law of this nice lady in our ward. Basically Tacamec is really crazy, especially compared to Molango, but as the week has gone on, I have felt more and more comfortable and know that this is the exact place I need to be working at this point in time! Something I am going to miss is telling everyone that I am 18, I wont be so different anymore! I will try to give more details next week, but I have to go save some souls now! ;) Miss and pray for you all, but most of all I love you! Make this week the most amazing week ever!

Elder Hixon

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