Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another week down (7/29)

Wow what a week! It was a really busy week and I learned a ton... On last week on Monday, after our pday ended we had a FHE with a family in our branch. (actually the family that we had the baptism with last saturday) Anyways so my companion and I watched a video about temples with them and then had a little discussion about it. We had a little snack and then left the house. We were heading home for the night.... because we wanted to be home before 9:30 and be obedient you know... but the closer we got to our house I started to feel worse and worse. I finally said something to my companion and said something wasnt right. He looked and me and said ´´Elder, do you feel like we need to go back to the house?´´ I told him I thought it would be a good idea. So we called president and said we would be a little late getting home. So we went back to the house and asked them if they had ever dedicated their home before. They said they hadnt and they dont have a priesthood holder in the home so my comp just offered the prayer. After we dedicated the home we gave blessings to the two ladies that live there. (sister Burgos and her daughter Ana) Anyways I dont know why the Lord prompted us to go back to that house that night but I sure felt a lot better after we blessed them and their home. It was the strongest prompting I have ever recieved in my life. It is comforting to me to know that the Lord trusts me to follow through with the promptings I recieve. Who knows what might have happened if I didnt say anything to my comp or if we had been doing something that was keeping us from having the Spirit. I am grateful that I can act as a tool for the Lord and act in His name. It says in Preach My Gospel, ´´Your calling gives you authority; keeping your covenants gives you power.´´ I know that to be true and I can feel the power of the Holy Ghost as I continue to be obedient.

The week in general was a little slow. Tuesday through Friday there wasnt a lot of people home because everyone is on vacations. This little town is basically a ghost town. But we worked hard and did what we could. On saturday in Zacualtipan I had some of the weirdest food of my life! I had COW BRAIN quesedillas and chicharrones (fried pig skin)!!! The cow brain was actually kinda yummy! :) But the chicharrones were slimey and in salsa... I just ate them with a ton of tortilla.. It was pretty interesting. It actually made my comp pretty sick. But not me! I guess I got a steel stomach. Nothing is going to make me sick. When we came back we rode all the way back to Molango in the back of a truck. That would NEVER happen in California so that was a cool experience. 

On sunday we had a branch leadership council and we talked about what we can do as missionaries and leaders to help make this branch a ward. It went really well and hopefully that get things going here. We will see! 

Anyways I dont have much more time but this week I learned a lot and I am a little sad I am not at Bass Lake right now with the family! But I know i am where I need to be! I am sad to hear about Matt Needham. He was really a nice kid. Tell the family I am sorry for their loss! 

Of course thanks for all of your prayers.. Oh and CONGRATS to Bronson for his mission call! Mexico City Southeast! Thats so awesome. Maybe would could arrange a pday at one of the historical cites here in mexico. Well see! Until next week

Elder Hixon

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