Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New week (7/22)

Well this week went really really well. The first few days we just worked really hard and taught our lessons like normal. The juicy stuff started happening on saturday and sunday!

So on saturday President and Sister Egbert came up to Molango to come watch a baptism! We baptized a lady named Arizbeth, she is part of a family that is all members except her... Well at the time. She has been listening to the missionaries for 8 years but never recieved an answer to her prayer until she was with us. She is an amazing girl and she has such a testimony. She was having doubts about Joseph Smith for a little but we cleared that up and now she has a strong testimony of it. She has a daughter that has down syndrome and she is just adorable. He name is Miley. She likes to hit and make silly faces at us but we know she does it out of love! So I got the oppotunity to baptize again in the waterfall!!! Woo hoo! It is such an amazing feeling when I say the words, ´´Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ´´ I just feel an amazing spirit and know that I am truely a representative of Him and I have been called to preach his gospel and baptize! Then saturday night president Egbert had a meeting with the branch presidency and councelors, so basically all the priesthood holders in the branch and basically disciplined them in the most loving way and told us that they would be more committed to helping us and helping the branch grow so that one day we can have a church building here in Molango! 

Sunday morning, sister Egbert made us breakfast burritos with bacon and GALLONED MILK not boxed milk! It was so delicious! Sister Egbert texts us all the time and she literally LOVES my comp and I. Also president Egbert said he is going to come once a month and visit us and the branch to give more training to the leaders here. President is so amazing too. He know spanish really well and he brings the spirit so strong whenever he talks. Anyways so I went to the sacrament services with Elder McCormick and president and his wife in Zacualtipan for the first time because normally I am in Molango playing the piano. We had 25 people there and the average is 13 and the meeting was amazing. Then we put two more baptismal dates on 2 investigators right after the meeting. Then we came back to Molango and had our sacrament services here and there were 41 people here in Molango. We had one investigator there and he started crying because of president Egberts talk. It was amazing. The spirit was amazing and the leaders changed. I have seen so much change in this branch just from a little bit of help from President Egbert. Oh and on saturday sister Egbert brought us brownies, milk, candy, LUCKY CHARMS, and a ton of other goods! I am getting so well taken care of out here. But yes, this week was amazing and the baptism and confirmation of Arizbeth just topped it off. I am so grateful for all of the blessings the Lord has poured upon me. I know it comes from obedience and persistance.

Thank you for all of your prayers, they really help a lot! until next week!
Elder Hixon 

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