Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MTC Week 1

Hey everyone!


Wow the MTC is amazing, such an incredible experience so far. From the moment I was taking into the swarm of missionaries until now I have been busy. Its awesome how much Spanish I can remember from high school, at least the listening part. I can understand about 95% of what my teachers say and what my investigator Jose says to me when we are teaching lessons. The Spanish I am trying to speak is rough but I can get the message across and the spirit is super strong! I can already pray in Spanish and bare my testimony in Spanish so that is fun haha! The gift of tongues is real as long as I continue to work as hard as I can I know that the Lord will bless me and has already blessed me with the ability to pick up Spanish. In our district 6 of the 8 guys in our class are all from So Cal, crazy huh? Elder Elton is in my class but he isn't my companion but I see him basically all day so that is fun. I cant send pictures cuz I don't have a SD card or something so if you want me to send pictures I will once I get a card. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that one of my teachers, Hermana Eyring is president Eyring's granddaughter so that is pretty sweet! Oh and Josh, they have this thing here at the MTC where you go and talk to the nutritionist and they have special gluten free food meals here so I thought you might like that fact! One of the guys in my district actually has Celiac too. The food here is amazing though! I have gained 6 pounds in 3 days cuz all we do here is eat and then sit in a classroom and learn Spanish. We do get 50 minutes of gym time and all I do is play basketball which has been fun. My companion's name is Elder Beck. He is from Utah and he is a really good guy. He pushes me and I push him to be better. We were assigned by our branch president to be sacrament coordinators and I he told us that he has never assigned first week elders anything in the entire 3 years that he has served at the MTC so that made us feel really important! We are both 18 and his birthday is August 13 or something. We are very similar and we get along well. I'm super grateful I can be his companion. All the talks and firesides up here are awesome and the spirit is super strong! I'm running out of time on email but I cant think of anything else to report. I am working on my hand-written letters as well.

I love and miss you all but I know that I am where the Lord wants me to be!

Elder Hixon

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